Apple Watch Armband 42mm Adjustable Reflective Bands

by thatsjustnifty
R 600.00

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• Fits arms up to 17 in (43cm) and is hand-washable. Innovative Armband for Apple Watch 42MM,Gives you a whole new way to utilize Apple Watch - beyond the wrist.18 Month Warranty.
• Strap Camyse Armband on and go. Your screen, crown and button remain fully accessible and functional With tight and consistent skin contact, the heart rate monitor and other stats might even work better!
• Many of us use the Apple Watch to stay active and get fitter. With the Camyse Armband for Apple Watch, you can wear the device around your arm to perform weightlifting, kickboxing, and CrossFit moves.
• Camyse Armband lets you strap your Apple Watch to your upper arm or bicep. Its outer frame protects the watch from damage.
• Easy to strap onto your bicep, the band keeps your watch secure and in view as you exercise.Protects your Apple Watch and securely holds it during the most vigorous training regimens.