Easy Snorkel Mask

by thatsjustnifty
R 2,495.00

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• 180° FULL FACE DESIGN – Our Easy Snorkel allows anyone (beginners and experts) to immediately begin snorkeling with a breeze! Simply put on the mask and breathe, through your nose or mouth, and instantly begin hassle-free snorkeling. Zero experience required!
• LIFE CHANGING for Adults, Kids and Youth! The panoramic 180-degree underwater view is 100% unrestricted, allowing you to see more colorful fish and marine life than ever before! You will gain an entirely new perspective of the ocean seafloor and vibrant coral reefs!
• DRY SNORKEL TECHNOLOGY – Our innovative design guarantees you will never gag on salt water! The ‘Float-Tech’ feature prevents water from ever entering your mask, and will drastically increasing the amount of time you spend snorkeling and having fun!
• NEW ANTI-FOG DESIGN – Everyone hates having to stop snorkeling due to their mask constantly fogging up. That is why our snorkel mask features a dynamic breathing chamber, keeping your breathing and vision clear so you can focus on enjoying the fish.
• HOURS OF SNORKELING – You will be able to snorkel for hours with family and friends with absolutely no soreness of the mouth and jaw. Time spent in the water commonly increases by 33%.