Track Your WOD Journal

by thatsjustnifty
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  • Know how far you've come in your training. Take note of every WOD and see your progress. The TYW Journal is divided in 9 sections with side tabs for easy access.
  • There is room to track 210 WODs, 9 Benchmark WODS (Bear complex, Fight Gone Bad, etc), 25 Girl WODs (Angie, Cindy, Fran, etc), 25 Hero WODs (Murph, DT, Randy, etc), Daily WODs, Personal Records, Strength Standards, and a very useful Weightlifting Percentages Chart.
  • Nothing is as handy as pen and paper that you can throw around anywhere. What do you do when you put your phone down and a weight drops on it? And the side tabs create easy access to any section.
  • Durable cover and coil, with plenty of space to write notes and all the information that you need to keep track of your workouts.
  • Why use this journal if there's an app for that? Because with the TYW you don't need your phone while working out. Avoid sweat dripping and chalk smearing all over your phone.