Wrist Wrap - Knee Wrap Combo

by thatsjustnifty
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• UNIQUE DESIGN: RIMSports’ Wrist and Knee Wrap are the perfect weight lifting wraps and leg wraps, as they give you a flexible fit and free range of motion. RIMSports’ breathable fabric allows your sweat to evaporate and your knees and wrists to stay dry while doing squats or wrist wraps weightlifting. Get the elastic knee support needed, that is both comfortable and prevents skin irritation.
• EASY-TO-USE: RIMSports weight lifting wrist wraps are the perfect wrist support brace, designed to promote natural hand movement. Ergonomically constructed, these wrist straps for weightlifting can easily be removed. Our weight lifting wrist wraps also have enhanced ventilation making it feel like a second skin! Moreover, get adequate knee support for weightlifting with our knee wraps and leg wraps, which will support and stabilize your form.
• VERSATILE USE: RIMSports weightlifting straps and leg wrap set is perfect for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Squatting, and Leg Presses. RIMSports’ uniquely designed wrist wraps and knee wraps offer great wrist support and knee support that helps with painful wrist injury and knee pain. Fashioned with velcro, our adjustable wrist wraps allows you to get the best comfort and wrist support.
• BEST WRIST WRAP & KNEE WRAP COMBO: RIMSports Wrist Wraps and Knee Wraps are the perfect companion for weightlifting, powerlifting, rope climbing, chin ups, pull ups, dumbbell, kettlebell classes and any other gymnastic activity!